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Sites étrangers de Cirque dans le monde

Akademien för cirkuskonsten bevarande i Sverige

Site suédois d’information avec 7 rubriques principales

contact : cirkusakademeien.se


Site bulgare du musée virtuel des arts du Cirque.

Contact : http://bgcircus.com/

Buckles blog - Sites étrangers

Logo Buckles blog

Buckles Blog

Site américain d’échanges d’information entre historiens de Cirque.
Buckles Blog. : a site for the discussion of Circus History all over the world.

Contact : http://bucklesw.blogspot.fr/


Blog en italien de Raffaele de Ritis.

Série d’articles par Raffaele de Ritis, un des plus importants historiens de l’histoire du Cirque. Auteur de Storia del Circo.

Contact : delcirco.blogspot.com/

Logo de Circopedia - Sites étrangers

Logo de Circopedia


Site américain dirigé par Dominique Jando, un auteur français de renommée internationale.

Circopedia.org est une encyclopédie internationale du cirque en constante évolution. Elle contient des essais sur l’histoire du Cirque en général et des cirques en particulier, des biographies d’artistes, de directeurs, et de personnalités attachées à l’histoire du cirque, ainsi que — à ce jour — près de 1000 videos (de 1890 à aujourd’hui), et 2000 photos, affiches, gravures, peintures et autres illustrations.

Le site, en anglais (avec certains articles en deux langues), est gratuit, d’une navigation facile, et est visité dans le monde entier. Circopedia a été mis en place en 2008 par Dominique Jando et Charles Forcey sous l’égide du Big Apple Circus. Grâce au soutien financier de Shelley & Donald Rubin, Circopedia est dirigée par Dominique Jando, auteur de nombreux ouvrages de référence sur le Cirque, directeur artistique, illustrateur et affichiste.

Circopedia : a international encyclopedia.

Developed for the Big Apple Circus (www.bigapplecircus.org) with guidance and financial support of the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation (www.sdrubin.org), Circopedia is a constantly growing on-line circus encyclopedia dedicated to the preservation of international circus history through essays, biographies, images and videos. Dominique Jando and Charles Forcey have guided Circopedia from its inception, with the support of the Big Apple Circus. An internationally renowned circus historian, and former Associate Artistic Director of the Big Apple Circus, Jando has served as Curator and editor-in-chief for the project, with creative responsibility for all content. Forcey has provided a strong complement to these efforts, as Technical Producer and Information Architect, through his firm Historicus, Inc. With its official launch in October 2008, this project has enabled the Big Apple Circus to build upon decades of leadership in the preservation of the classical circus by creating an ongoing historical archive of the art form and its development, highlighting its most important historical events, enterprises worldwide.

Contact : Circopedia.org

Logo Circus Archiv - sites étrangers de Cirque

Logo Circus Archiv

Circus Archiv

Site autrichien, écrit en allemand, dirigé par Christoph Enziguer, co-auteur avec Robert Kaldy-Karo du livre Circus in Wien.

Contact : circusarchiv.com

Circus fans of America - Sites strangers

Logo de Circus fans of America

Circus fans of America

Site des amateurs de cirque américain.

We who love the circus, bind ourselves together as a nonprofit organization to make an organized effort to create interest in the circus as an institution. We believe in the circus as an important part of the performing arts and having great education values. We dedicate ourselves together in the hope of forming fast friendship s and to make an organized effort to assist all circuses. We further dedicate ourselves to preserve for future generations, this beloved institution known as the CIRCUS.

Contact : http://new.circusfans.org/

Circus fans of Australasia - Sites étrangers

Logo de Circus fans of Australasia

Circus fans of Australasia

Site des amateurs de Cirque d’Australie.

The Circus Fans of Australasia are launching new exciting initiatives and features for its members, from only $45 per year you can join Australia’s legion of circus fans !

Contact : http://www.circusfans.com.au

Circuses ans Sideshows - Sites étrangers

Logo de Circuses ans Sideshows

Circuses and sideshows

Excellent site américain bien documenté. Histoire des cirques américains, des artistes, des directeurs et des spectacles annexes.

When patrons go to a circus they come away with visions of performers, spangles, spotlights, and the smell of popcorn, but there is much more to a circus. There are people. People from many backgrounds, nations, religions, and customs. We are a multi-cultural society all working together to put on a circus performance. Think about the many skills necessary to move a circus. It takes managers, performers, musicians, concessionaires, mechanics, electricians, welders, wardrobe makers, cooks and the list goes on and on. This web site is intended to be about Circus People, the people that for many generations have made the circus an American tradition. The individuals and families who have devoted their lives to the circus. On this site we will attempt to introduce you to these people. You will learn about the acts they did, the circuses and sideshows they operated, the triumphs they achieved and the hardships and tragedy they endured.

Contact : www.circusesandsideshows.com

Circus historical society - Sites strangers

Logo Circus historical society

Circus Historical Society

Site américain sur l’histoire du cirque, éditeur de la revue Bandwagon.

Join the Circus Historical Society! . . . and enjoy Bandwagon
Only publication in the USA devoted to the history of the circus & allied arts.

Contact : http://www.circushistory.org/

Circus model builders - Sites strangers

Logo Circus model builders

Circus Model Builders

Site américain de maquettistes de cirque.
The Circus Model Builders is an international group of circus enthusiast that create, collect, and display models of the circus to preserve the rich history and support the continuance of the unique entertainment spectacle that is circus.
Contact : http://www.circusmodelbuilders.club/ 

Circus museum

Site néerlandais présentant la collection de documents sur le Cirque de Jaap Best.

Ecrit en néerlandais et en anglais. Rubriques : acrobates – clowns – danseurs – dresseurs – folklore – phénomènes – jongleurs – foires – magiciens – musiciens – comédiens – troupes ethniques.

Welcome to circusmuseum.nl, the ultimate image bank with posters, photos and prints from the collection of Jaap Best, the Netherlands’ largest collection of circus memorabilia. For your enjoyment, our online show, now has nearly eight thousand circus posters from 1880 to the present, from the Netherlands to America, from A2 format to several square metres. At the heart of the collection, and dating from 1880-1930, are nearly 3,500 colour lithographs by the Hamburg printer Adolph Friedländer. This year alone we have added 7,000 circus photos and picture postcards. Our sophisticated search engine has hundreds of headwords – not just for acts and artistes, and for owners and individual circuses, but also for fairs, variety shows and the theatre.

Contact : circusmuseum.nl

 Clowns of america - Sites étrangers

Logo Clowns of america


Site tchèque dirigé par Pietr Gongol.

Contact : cirkusy.eu

Clowns of America, International

Site de clowns américains.
 Federation mondiale du cirque - Sites étrangers

Logo Federation mondiale du cirque

Fédération mondiale du cirque

Site monégasque pour la préservation de la culture du cirque et des arts de la joie.

Contact : http://www.circusfederation.org

Logo de AG Studio - sites étrangers de Cirque

Logo de AG Studio


Site russe d’Alexander Grimailo – AG Studio 
Le site d’Alexander Grimailo, véritable génie du Cirque. On y trouve, écrit en anglais, sa biographie et la liste des artistes lauréats des plus grands festivals internationaux de Cirque

Contact : http://www.grimailo.ru/grimailo/english/news.htm

International circus hall of fame - Sites strangers

Logo International circus hall of fame

International Circus Hall of Fame

Site américain du musée de Circus Hall of Fame.

The International Circus Hall of Fame is located on the old circus winter quarters in Peru, Indiana. These quarters are where circuses of the past wintered until they left in the spring for a new circus season.

We are one of 55 National Historic Landmarks in the State of Indiana. The « Circus Greats » enshrined in the Circus Hall of Fame, along with the colorful posters, wagons, models, and exhibits, bring the circus to life.

Contact : http://www.circushalloffame.com/

Logo Sideshow world

Logo Sideshow world

Sideshow world

Un site américain original  du plus grand intérêt, présenté artistiquement, sur les sideshows d’hier, d’aujourd’hui et de demain.

Contact : http://www.sideshowworld.com/


Un site américain sur les arts du Cirque.

An online journal of the circus arts.

Contact : www.spectaclemagazine.com  It.

The Centre of Circus Culture

Site britannique animé par Chris Barltrop, international ringmaster.

Contact : https://www.centreforcircusculture.eu

Logo The circus blog

Logo The circus blog

The circus blog

Blog américain sympathique animé par Ivan M. Henry, un artiste depuis cinq générations.

Ivan M. Henry se présente ainsi :

My name is Ivan M. Henry and I am the 5th generation of a circus/show business dynasty. What you are about to read is an accumulation of circus history spanning 6 generations, starting in the 1800’s to the present. It will include Mud Shows, Vaudeville, Modern Circus, Motion Pictures, and Television including a host of circus performers.

Contact : http://www.thecircusblog.com

 Windjammers - Sites étrangers

Logo Windjammers

Windjammers Unlimited

Site américain sur les orchestres de cirque.

The Windjammers Unlimited is a 501(c)3 historical music society that is dedicated to the preservation of traditional music of the circus. This music is kept alive via live performances and recording sessions at the annual convention and summer meetings.

Sites étrangers de Cirque dans le monde par Dominique Denis

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